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Total coverage

With one system, AMCS Enterprise Management covers the complete chain from waste collection, recycling to resource industry

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CRES - Brady

Scraprunner- Where to find Enterprise Management Information

Following the acquisition of Brady's Recycling solutions in 2018, the Scraprunner and CRES Solutions websites were fully integrated into our AMCS Group website

Custom solutions & services. Solutions for tier-one recyclers, brokers, & Consumers.

Focused Expertise

The world’s leading recyclers rely on AMCS Recycling’s solutions - CRES
Since 1981, AMCS Recycling’s expert team has consistently delivered industry-specific software and services to recycling firms worldwide. Our extensive product line focuses on the unique financial, commercial and operational management requirements of recycling companies.

AMCS’s Commercial Recycling Enterprise Solution is the proven alternative to unwieldy and expensive traditional ERP systems or “in-house” development.Forged from the requirements of leading recyclers and consumers, AMCS’s software draws on their best practices and expertise and provides a full spectrum of transactional, managerial and analytical applications. While big ERP vendors target their software to a variety of industries, we specialize exclusively in:

  • Software for the world’s largest commercial recyclers, brokers and consumers.
  • Professional services with unparalleled industry experience.

Enterprise Visibility

Accurate, timely access to critical information
Your business information and forecasts should be readily available to those who have the need to know, with accessibility tailored to their appropriate level of authority.

  • Executives.
  • Financial Managers.
  • Commercial Managers, Buyers
    and Traders.
  • Operations Managers, Yard Managers and Supervisors.

AMCS Recycling’s browser-based analytical reporting and extensive security profiles allow each of our clients to manage information drill-down and transparency to meet their specific requirements. For example, AMCS Recycling’s browser-based financial statements deliver not only transparency but also bottom line accountability consistent with your managers’ levels of authority. And these statements are available at any time of the month for authorized users.

Browser-based purchase, sales, yard operations, freight, settlements, scale transactions reporting and audits… all are easily viewed and mined to drive critical, actionable business analysis.
The old adage “Ignorance is bliss”, no longer applies for commercial recyclers, brokers and consumers. What you need to effectively manage your business is all there in easy-to-learn and easy-to-use browser-based applications from: AMCS Recycling.

Right Sized Solutions

Software partner and software applications

Perhaps you’re considering “Tier-One” ERP software (designed for the largest manufacturers or distributors in the world) as a good fit for your commercial recycling firm. But, to big ERP vendors, the commercial recycling industry is a sub-market of a sub-market. A number of very large commercial recycling firms have found that the “one size fits all” approach of Tier-One ERP vendors simply won’t work in our industry.

nlike all ERP vendors, we designed AMCS Recycling software from the ground up for large, multi-location recycling firms like yours. You and other commercial recycling companies of your size and growth trajectory are our “Tier-One” customers and prospects.
Case in point: You demand a fully integrated financial solution. Our financial database ensures that your financial, commercial and operational reporting is always timely, accurate and in-synch.

That means no more arguments over whose numbers are correct at staff meetings. And AMCS Recycling software delivers audit and SOX-compliance features to help run the largest multinational commercial recyclers.
So while AMCS Recycling offers the largest, most experienced staff of any software provider to the commercial recycling industry, we are still small enough to collaborate daily with each of your staff on a first name basis.
When it comes to software, many of the largest commercial recyclers, brokers and consumers choose the largest, most experienced firm that specializes in their industry: AMCS Recycling.
Contact us today to learn how AMCS Recycling’s premier software and industry expertise can meet your most demanding information technology requirements.To find out how you can increase productivity, manage your recycling business more efficiently and ensure regulatory compliance, please visit


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