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Join us at Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show (SERC)


Join us at Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show (SERC)

For over 30 years, the Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show (SERC), has been one of the premier recycling conferences. It's called the Southeast Recycling Conference but 65% of our attendees come from outside the Southeast. The desire is to provide you recycling solutions, valuable contacts and productive networking opportunities.


It's all about the business of recycling

AMCS will be an exhibitor at the SERC. AMCS is excited to join you all in Florida and get the chance to showcase our Platform solutions for the recycling industry. Our innovative AMCS Platform which is fully equipped to digitize and automate all operational business waste and recycle processes, including enterprise management, intelligent optimization, vehicle technology, and digital engagement, like customer portals.

With AMCS Platform we are providing the recycling industry with an organization-wide IT infrastructure supporting growth, increasing operational efficiency, expanding margins, reducing risks while at the same time lowering their environmental impact.

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Is your company looking to increase operational efficiency, deliver environmental sustainability, accelerate top-line growth, or reduce business and operational risk? If so, contact us prior to the show to schedule a meeting to find out how AMCS can help you achieve this.

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